Amazing Stories interview with Mark Edwards on Pirates on Dinosaur Island

The Responsibilities and Pleasures of Being a Role Model by Kirsten Witucki

I can’t remember the circumstances of that visit with my former history teacher. Maybe I was collecting makeup work for my brother, Chet, who was in her class at the time. Or maybe I just stopped in to say “Hello.” My high school teachers felt a little like my extended family to me, especially now… Continue Reading

The Varieties of Readerly Experience by Paul Reidinger

Literacy is one of the least objectionable of virtues, and maybe that’s the problem. A vow to honor literacy would fit nicely on any list of New Year’s resolutions, along with regular exercise, a balanced diet and, for that matter, a balanced budget. We are all agreed: Literacy is good, along with kale and a… Continue Reading

Hearing Langston’s Smile – Kristen Witucki in Huff Post

Gemma Open Door author of The Transcriber, writing for Brain, Child: The Magazine for Thinking Mothers: Hearing Langston’s Smile More from Kristen at her own website. Tweet Pin It… Continue Reading

My Son, the Sherpa by Tom Willadsen

My Son, the Sherpa September 28, 2012 We made all the usual adjustments for the first day of school at our house. For the first day of school both boys opted for peanut butter and jelly—as long as I didn’t use too much peanut butter and the jelly was not apricot-based or marmalade of any… Continue Reading

Pirates on Dinosaur Island: The Blog

For all of your pirate and dinosaur needs ….   Tweet Pin It… Continue Reading

The Playgroup author Elizabeth Mosier on the role of friends in new motherhood Tweet Pin It… Continue Reading

Writers as Archaeologists

Elizabeth Mosier on teaching elementary school children in the Pennsylvania Young Writers Day program: Tweet Pin It… Continue Reading

Writing for the Reluctant Reader

by Elizabeth Mosier When Brian Bouldrey, editor for Gemma Open Door, asked me to contribute to the series designed to promote adult literacy, I was thrilled to be anywhere near Roddy Doyle and Nick Hornby, whose books had been published in the original Open Door lineup in the UK.  Writing for Open Door was a… Continue Reading

Elizabeth Mosier is a Literary Mama

Sarah Werthan Buttenwieser interviews Elizabeth Mosier on teaching, mothering, and volunteer archeology: Tweet Pin It… Continue Reading