Airport by Wingo Perseus

A tale of coming and going and people who pass as ships in the night‎…‎or do they?

On any given day, in any given city, countless people are arriving and departing‎…‎to ‎visit grandma, to close a business deal, to hook up with a lover, to climb a mountain‎. ‎Intrepid traveler Luis is trapped in flight delay and has many hours to see and hear and sense his fellow passengers‎. ‎As he grows more invisible, the kinetic world ‎around him takes on a life of its own‎. ‎Where can all these people be going? Where in ‎the world do we belong?‎

Part of the prestigious Open Door Series, originally designed for adult literacy in ‎Ireland, these books confirm the truth that a story doesn’t have to be big to change ‎our world‎.‎ ‎Airport‎ is part of the US launch of Open Door books written by North ‎American authors‎.

Wingo Perseus has traveled extensively in the footsteps of his father, a WWII flyer‎. ‎His favorite airport is City in London, most dreaded is Frankfurt, and he misses the charm of the old Delta Marine Terminal at LaGuardia‎. ‎Not the best flyer himself, ‎Wingo now lives and works as a writer outside Boston‎. ‎Airport‎ is Wingo Perseus‎’ ‎second book.