Time with Leo by John Bliss

A boy, just 15, through no effort of his own, travels back in time to the late 15th century, where he meets Leonardo da Vinci.more

Giant Baby by Laurie Foos

Coming in Fall 2012. What do you do when something magical happens…in your own backyard? Linda and Earl are a happy couple. Although married formore

The Last Body Part by Sarajane Woolf

Coming in Fall 2012. What human secret was uncovered in a dead rhinoceros? A woman discovers she has a rogue body part, one she’s nevermore

The Sorrow of the Elves by Brian Bouldrey

A story of a faded fantasy writer, his drug troubles, failed love life and a quest ‎for redemption‎. Walace Weiss, a once‎-‎famous fantasy novelist, nowmore

No Dress Rehearsal by Marian Keyes

Lizzie is dead – she just doesn’t know it. Why does everyone ignore her when she needs a little sympathy? She has been in anmore

Pirates on Dinosaur Island by Mark Edwards

Dr. Christopher Lemuel becomes a ship’s doctor on a privateer to escape England, after shamefully killing a man in a matter of honor. He ismore